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1. A method of detecting a subject suffering from, or at risk of suffering from, bladder cancer, the method comprising
i) providing a urine sample isolated from a subject;
ii) isolating cells from said sample to provide a cell sample;
iii) contacting the sample with a specific binding member capable of binding to a minichromosome maintenance 2 (MCM2) polypeptide;
iv) determining the binding of said specific binding member to the cell sample;
v) counting those cells in said cell sample which bound to said specific binding member to provide a cell count; and,
vi) determining, based on the cell count, whether the subject has, or is at risk of having, bladder cancer;
wherein said determining step (vi) is based upon a measurement of MCM2 labelled cells relative to a threshold number, wherein said measurement above or equal to said threshold is indicative of bladder cancer or a risk of bladder cancer, and wherein the threshold number is about 30 to 50 cells or about 50 to 200 cells when the subject has previous evidence of bladder cancer.