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Method and apparatus for improving usability and accuracy for physiological measurement on mobile device
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1. An accessory for a mobile device to measure characteristics of a test strip, the accessory comprising:
a test strip adapter comprising a test strip attachment for a test strip type, a first interlock shared with other test strip adapters for other test strip types, and a test strip carrier including a top half defining a sample collector and a bottom half defining a test strip opening to the test strip;
a phone adapter comprising a phone attachment for a mobile device model and a second interlock shared with other phone adapters for other mobile device models; and
a coupler, comprising:
a third interlock that forms a first mating pair with the first interlock of the test strip adapter;
a fourth interlock that forms a second mating pair with the second interlock of the phone adapter; and
a light guide having an input surface, wherein the coupler defines a screen opening to a portion of a screen of the mobile device and the input surface is aligned over the screen opening.