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Gas logging system
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1. A gas logging system, comprising:
a degasser, configured to degas a sample to separate a gas to be tested;
a detector, connected to the degasser and configured to receive the gas to be tested separated by the degasser and perform detection,
wherein the degasser comprises a degassing cover, the degassing cover comprises a spherical crown disk surface and a plurality of semipermeable membrane degassing units on the spherical crown disk surface, wherein the plurality of semipermeable membrane degassing units are arranged on the spherical crown disk surface according to the Fibonacci Spiral Rule, and an arrangement formula thereof is:

OG Complex Work Unit Math
wherein R is a polar coordinate radius of a nth semipermeable membrane degassing unit; R0 is a radius of the semipermeable membrane degassing unit; K is a leaf arrangement parameter, and is 5, 6, 7 or 8; n is a serial number of a node from a center to an outside, wherein the first node of the arrangement of the semipermeable membrane degassing units is n=0, the second node is n=1, and so on; θ is an angle between a nth node and a n+1th node in a polar coordinate system.