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Method and device for beam analysis
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1. An apparatus, comprising:
a beam-splitting optical arrangement configured to split a beam incident on the beam-splitting optical arrangement along an optical axis into a plurality of partial beams having a focus offset in a longitudinal direction relative the optical axis;
a sensor arrangement configured to capture an image of the partial beams; and
a controller configured to:
a) perform a forward simulation of the beam in the optical system based on estimated initial values for beam parameters to obtain a simulated image; and
b) calculate a set of values for the beam parameters based on a comparison between the simulated image and the measurement image,
wherein the controller is configured to:
c) iteratively perform a) and b), wherein, in each case, the calculated set of values for the beam parameters provide the basis of the forward simulation that following; and
d) output the sets of values for the beam parameters ascertained in c).