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Weighing device with a movable mounting unit
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1. A weighing device, comprising:
a base body;
a draft shield, having a top wall, a first side wall, a second side wall and a front wall;
a weighing chamber, defined as an enclosed space by a weighing chamber floor, a weighing chamber rear wall and the draft shield, wherein the weighing chamber rear wall comprises a first side, a second side and an elongate slot, where the first side faces the draft shield, the second side is located opposite the first side, and the elongate slot extends through the rear wall from the first side to the second side;
a mounting unit that is movably connected to the first side of the weighing chamber rear wall; and
a position-control unit that is operatively connected to the mounting unit and is located on the second side of the weighing chamber rear wall, with the elongate slot receiving the mounting unit about the first side and guiding the mounting unit in a direction normal to the base body, the position control unit comprising a motor unit that provides necessary motive force to displace the mounting unit in a direction normal to the base body.