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Bloom filter multiple traffic-aware route encoding
Daniel Rolf, Berlin (DE); and Raul Cajias, Berlin (DE)
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1. A method comprising:
determining, by one or more processors, a route from a starting segment to a target segment based on map data of a digital map, the route comprising a list of route segments to be traveled from the starting segment to the target segment, the route determined by a network apparatus comprising a processor, a memory storing a network version of the digital map, and a communication interface;
identifying, by the one or more processors, adjacent segments to the route, wherein an adjacent segment is a segment of the digital map that intersects the route and is not a route segment;
determining, by the one or more processors, an expected traffic delay for each adjacent segment based on traffic data;
separating, by the one or more processors, the adjacent segments into a plurality of delay groups based on the corresponding expected traffic delays;
generating, by the one or more processors, delay bloom filters, wherein each delay bloom filter encodes a map version agnostic identifier for the adjacent segments of one of the plurality of delay groups; and
providing the delay bloom filters and information identifying the route such that a mobile apparatus receives the delay bloom filters and the information identifying the route.