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Hydraulic time delay actuated by the energetic output of a perforating gun
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1. A mechanical delay comprising:
a first perforating gun;
a first cylindrical body located downhole from and coupled to the first perforating gun, having a first inner bore with radial break plugs disposed therein, a communication piston located uphole from the radial break plugs;
a second cylindrical body coupled to and located downhole from the first cylindrical body having:
a second inner bore;
a first cylindrical piston slidably disposed therein with a face exposed to the first inner bore of the first cylindrical body;
a first rod coupled to and located axially downhole from the first cylindrical piston;
a second cylindrical piston located downhole from and coupled to the first rod and being slidably disposed within the second inner bore, the cylindrical piston having a first face and a second face, with a thru bore located transversely between the first face and the second face;
a second rod located downhole from and coupled to the second cylinder;
hydraulic fluid located between the second rod and the second inner bore; and
wherein explosive energy from the first perforating gun causes the communication piston to fracture the radial break plugs, thus flooding the first inner bore with wellbore fluid and forcing the combination of first cylindrical piston, first rod, second cylindrical piston, and second rod downward, thus causing the hydraulic fluid located in the second inner bore to meter through the transverse thru bore of the second cylindrical piston.