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Trigger return spring mechanism
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1. A trigger return spring assembly for a firearm comprising a frame, said trigger return spring assembly comprising:
a trigger mountable on said frame for pivoting motion about a first axis of rotation fixed on said frame;
a trigger bar attached to said trigger and pivotable relatively thereto about a second axis of rotation fixed on said trigger;
a bore extending through said trigger along a third axis oriented transversely to and positioned between said first and second axes of rotation;
a shoulder positioned within said bore proximate to said trigger bar;
a plunger extending through said bore and movable along said third axis, a first end of said plunger being attached to said trigger bar, a second end of said plunger comprising a retaining surface oriented transversely to said third axis; and
a compression spring captured within said bore between said shoulder and said retaining surface and exerting a force pushing said retaining surface away from said shoulder.