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Moving device for centering in a pipe
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1. A system for circulation and heat exchange with a fluid, the system comprising:
a pipe having an internal volume for circulating the fluid, in which the fluid can circulate, between an inlet and an outlet, the pipe comprising a wall,
several movable devices for heat exchange in said internal volume, with each movable device being arranged in said pipe, in which the movable devices are allowed to move, at least some of said movable devices being able to come into contact with the wall of the pipe,
wherein each movable device includes:
a central body to be placed in heat exchange with the surrounding circulating fluid, the central body including a matrix in which a material for storing thermal energy by latent heat accumulation is distributed, and
a positioning structure for movably positioning the central body in the internal volume, the positioning structure, which is allowed to slide along the wall when it comes into contact with the wall, being connected to the central body around which it extends, by reserving passages:
enabling a contact between the central body and the fluid, and
enabling the fluid to flow in the pipe between the movable devices.