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Medical implement drying apparatus
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1. A medical implement drying apparatus comprising:
a drying gas source;
at least one gas conduit fluidly connecting the drying gas source to a medical implement having an inner space defined by a housing comprising a tool manipulating mechanism;
the tool manipulating mechanism connected through the housing to a robotic mechanism;
the medical implement enclosing actuators configured for manipulation of a surgical tool configured to be manipulated within a patient;
the drying gas source fluidly coupled to the inner space of the medical implement;
the medical implement having an inlet port coupled to the gas conduit;
the inlet port in fluid communication with the inner space of the medical implement;
the gas conduit removably attached to the inlet port; and
wherein the medical implement drying apparatus is configured such that drying gas flows from the drying gas source, through the gas conduit into the inner space, absorbs liquid, from within the medical implement, to expel the liquid from the medical implement.