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Gas turbine fuel nozzle with integrated flame ionization sensor and gas turbine engine
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1. A gas turbine fuel nozzle, the gas turbine fuel nozzle comprising:
a sleeve having a peripheral wall surrounding and defining an internal duct to enable premixed fuel gas flow, the internal duct defining a central axis and the peripheral wall being cylindrical and further defining a reduced diameter portion having a reduced diameter relative to a diameter of an adjacent portion of the peripheral wall, the peripheral wall having at least one fuel duct formed between a radially inner surface of the peripheral wall and a radially outer surface of the peripheral wall, the peripheral wall defining an end face and an outlet of the at least one fuel duct is defined by the peripheral wall in the end face; and
a flame ionization sensor located radially outward from the internal duct in the reduced diameter portion of the peripheral wall of the sleeve, the flame ionization sensor comprising a first annulus, which is an electrode, and an isolating annulus that electrically isolates the first annulus from the peripheral wall of the sleeve, wherein the outlet of the at least one fuel duct is a conical outlet defining a conical internal surface and the electrode defines a portion of the conical internal surface.