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Apparatus for raising the temperature of superheated steam and ultra-high temperature steam generator
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1. An apparatus for raising the temperature of superheated steam comprising:
an inlet into which superheated steam is introduced;
a body to raise the temperature of the superheated steam heated by an external heat source; and
an outlet provided inside the body and discharging the superheated steam temperature-raised by the body to the outside,
wherein an inner surface of a sidewall of the body is formed with an inner protrusion for heating the superheated steam while spirally rotating the superheated steam,
wherein the inner protrusion protrudes from the inner surface of the sidewall of the body and has a spiral projection shape extending obliquely toward an inner surface of a bottom of the body,
wherein a lower end of the outlet has an opening shape that is opened toward the inner surface of the bottom of the body in a state of being separated from the inner surface of the bottom of the body.