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Light emitting diode (LED) filament light bulb with secured antenna
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1. A method of producing a LED filament light bulb, the method comprising:
fusing a plurality of LED filaments to a support structure that is defined by a wall that forms an internal cavity that is elongated along an axis of symmetry;
joining the support structure to a cover of the LED filament light bulb, wherein the support structure is fused to the cover by heating both parts together about an opening to the internal cavity;
joining an antenna to the support structure by heating the support structure and then pinching the internal wall to create an elongated raised portion encapsulating the antenna;
flushing or filling an interior volume defined by the cover with a non-reactive gas; and
heating and closing an end of an evacuation tube to create a gas-tight seal, wherein the evacuation tube is defined by the support structure and is fluidly connected to the interior volume.