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Gas shut-off valve for a gas cooking appliance and gas cooking appliance incorporating said gas shut-off valve
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1. A gas shut-off valve for a gas cooking appliance comprising:
a valve body including a gas inlet, a gas outlet, and an intermediate port that communicates the gas outlet with the gas inlet;
a closing member moveable between a closed position and an open position, when in the closed position the closing member blocks the intermediate port to prevent fluid communication between the gas inlet and gas outlet, when in the open position the closing member does not block the intermediate port to cause fluid communication between the gas inlet and gas outlet;
a magnetic actuator including a stationary permanent magnet and a movable element to which the closing member is attached, the movable element comprising a ferromagnetic element that adheres to the permanent magnet when the closing member is in the open position to hold the closing member in the open position;
a manual actuator that includes a hand actuator located outside of the valve body and a shaft coupled to the hand actuator that extends inside the valve body, the manual actuator configured such that when the hand actuator is pressed an end of the shaft acts on the closing member to move the closing member towards the open position; and
a temperature sensing device extending outside the valve body, the temperature sensing device including a rod that lengthens with an increases in rod temperature and shortens with a decrease in rod temperature, the rod having an end located inside the valve body, the end arranged facing the movable element of the magnetic actuator, the rod being configured to lengthen when the rod temperature rises to a closing temperature, the lengthening of the rod being sufficient to cause the end of the rod to apply a pushing force on the moveable element to cause the closing member to transition from the open position to the closed position, moving the ferromagnetic element away from a field of action of the permanent magnet, the temperature sensing device comprising a guard partially surrounding a perimeter of the rod, the guard having an opening configured to face a heat source.