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Fluid valve assembly including fluid driven sealing
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1. A fluid valve comprising:
a valve body including:
a valve plug chamber; and
valve ports, each valve port communicating with the valve plug chamber,
a valve plug that is disposed in the valve plug chamber and is rotatable relative to the valve body about a rotational axis, the valve plug including:
a fluid passageway that, in certain rotational orientations of the valve plug relative to the valve body, provides a fluid path that extends between a first one of the valve ports and a second one of the valve ports;
a blind hole provided in a side of the valve plug opposed to the fluid passageway,
a groove that surrounds the blind hole, the groove having a groove inner wall that is shared with the blind hole and a groove outer wall that surrounds the groove inner wall and is spaced apart from the groove inner wall;
an annular seal that is disposed in the groove, the seal having a seal inner diameter and a seal outer diameter; and
an elastic member that is disposed in the groove between a blind end of the groove and the seal, the elastic member providing a force that directs the seal against an inner surface of the valve plug chamber,
wherein when the valve plug is rotationally oriented relative to the valve body so that the blind hole is aligned with any one of the valve ports,
the seal segregates the valve plug chamber into a first chamber that borders an outer surface of the seal and a second chamber that borders an inner surface of the seal, and provides a fluid-tight seal between the first chamber and the second chamber, and
the seal inner diameter and the seal outer diameter vary based on a fluid pressure difference, where the fluid pressure difference is a difference between a pressure of the fluid in the first chamber and a pressure of the fluid in the second chamber.