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Systems and apparatuses for supporting a fastener
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1. An assembly to support a fastener, the assembly comprising:
a barrier comprising at least a portion of a structure to which the assembly and fastener are installed; and
a fitting comprising:
a support surface, wherein at least a portion of the support surface is enclosable between opposite ends of the fastener; and
a first flange and a second flange extending from the support surface, wherein the first flange is perpendicular to the second flange; and
wherein the fitting is operable to rotate from a first angular position to a second angular position based on contact between the first flange and the fastener and a torque applied to the fastener, and
in the first angular position, a gap separates the second flange from the barrier, and
in the second angular position, the second flange is operable to prevent rotation of the fastener based on contact between the barrier and the second flange.