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Apparatus and method for generation of electricity utilizing pressurized hydro or turbomachinery technology
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1. A facility for generating electricity, comprising:
(a) a hydroelectric generating apparatus including an elongate penstock in flow communication with a source of water and a hydro-turbine assembly;
(b) piping for supplying refill water to a plurality of horizontal pistons on a synchronized and coordinated basis to supply pressurized water to the penstock;
(c) a cryogenic facility including at least one cryogenically insulated storage tank for cryogenically producing and storing liquid air;
(d) a temperature regulator for allowing controlled transition from the liquid air state to a pressurized gaseous state for supplying pressurized air to a storage container for supplying air to the pistons;
(e) respective air exhaust/release valves for releasing the pressurized air in the pistons to the atmosphere or recycling and reuse of the pressurized air after use;
(f) respective water inflow valves for refilling the pistons after the air exhaust/release valves open; and
(g) a containment facility within which the cryogenic facility is encapsulated and comprising a mass of coal combustion residue (CCR) having sufficient insulating capacity to maintain the liquid air in a liquid state in combination with the cryogenic facility.