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Internal combustion engine
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1. An internal combustion engine, comprising:
a hollow cylinder;
a cylinder head;
at least one exhaust valve disposed in the cylinder head for discharge of exhaust gases;
at least one fuel injector;
a piston within the hollow cylinder, the piston having at least one intake port that provides a passage for fluid flow through the piston;
a transfer valve disposed within a transfer valve housing of the piston, the transfer valve being configured to render the at least one intake port of the piston in an opened or closed state;
a base valve assembly disposed at a base of the cylinder that opens and closes to permit or restrict fluid flow into a sub-chamber below the piston;
wherein the internal combustion engine operates according to a four-stroke piston cycle including multiple fluid intake stages;
wherein during at least a first fluid intake stage the at least one intake port of the piston is in the opened state and an air-fuel mixture flows from the sub-chamber below the piston to a combustion chamber above the piston.