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Valvetrain for diesel engine having de-compression engine brake
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1. An engine brake rocker arm assembly operable in an engine drive mode and an engine braking mode, the engine brake rocker arm assembly selectively opening first and second exhaust valves and comprising:
an exhaust valve rocker arm assembly having an exhaust rocker arm that is configured to rotate around a rocker shaft; and
an engine brake actuation assembly comprising:
an actuator assembly;
an actuator lever; and
a mechanically controlled engine brake actuator configured to move between a first position corresponding to the engine brake mode wherein the second exhaust valve is opened prior to the first exhaust valve, and a second position corresponding to the drive mode wherein the second valve is not opened prior to the first exhaust valve,
wherein the actuator assembly is hydraulically actuated and includes an actuator piston that translates within an actuation cylinder causing movement of the actuator lever and ultimately movement of the mechanically controlled engine brake actuator between the first and second positions.