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Object launching apparatus and related methods
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1. A method, comprising:
imparting, using a container actuator, rotational motion to a first object container, in a non-vertical plane of rotation, from a first angular position to a second angular position,
wherein the first object container includes a first compartment and is operably associated with a wellhead;
supporting the first object container with a bottom plate while the container actuator imparts rotational motion to the first object container;
launching, when the first object container is in the second angular position, a first object loaded into the first compartment from the first compartment into the wellhead,
wherein launching the first object from the first compartment into the wellhead comprises pushing the first object using a component operably associated with the first object container;
loading, after the first object has been launched from the first compartment into the wellhead, a second object from a second compartment into the first compartment,
wherein a second object container includes the second compartment, the second object container being operably associated with the first object container.