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Electric driven hydraulic fracking system
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1. An electric driven hydraulic fracking system that pumps a fracking media into a well to execute a fracking operation to extract a fluid from the well, comprising:
a power generation system that is configured to generate electric power at a power generation level and a power generation voltage level; and
a pump configuration that includes a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), an electric motor, and a hydraulic pump, wherein:
the VFD is configured to convert the electric power at the power generation voltage level to a VFD voltage level and drive the electric motor that is associated with the VFD at the VFD voltage level to control the operation of the electric motor to drive the hydraulic pump, wherein the VFD voltage level is a voltage level that is required to drive the electric motor,
the electric motor is configured to rotate at a RPM level based on the VFD voltage level as provided by the VFD and to drive the hydraulic pump with the rotation at the RPM level, and
the hydraulic pump is configured to pump the fracking media into the well at a HP level of at least 5000 HP as driven by the electric motor at the RPM level.