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Iron roughnecks for non-stop circulation system
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1. An apparatus comprising:
a frame;
a wrench unit supported by the frame, wherein the wrench unit is capable of gripping a drill string;
a spinner unit supported by the frame, wherein the spinner unit is capable of engaging and spinning a drill pipe; and
a circulation coupler supported by the frame and movable to an open position or a closed position, wherein the circulation coupler, when positioned around a drill string, having a wall with one or more valves provided therein, and located in the closed position, forms a sealed chamber radially oriented around the one or more valves of the drill string,
wherein the circulation coupler further comprises a sensor for detecting whether a first valve in a drill string is located in an open position or a closed position, and
wherein the first valve, detectable by the sensor, is an external sliding valve, comprising a spring, provided in the wall of the drill string.