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Skylight roller shade with a cable cone indexing mechanism
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1. A roller shade adapted to adjustably cover a structural opening comprising:
a pair of longitudinal side panel assemblies adapted to be attached at opposite sides of the structural opening, wherein each of the side panel assemblies comprises a tensioning assembly;
a roller tube assembly adapted to be attached to and between the pair of longitudinal side panel assemblies, wherein the roller tube assembly comprises:
a roller tube comprising at least one channel;
a shade material attached to the roller tube, wherein the shade material is adapted to unroll from the roller tube from an opened position to a closed position;
at least one cable cone secured to an end of the roller tube and comprising a lateral wall comprising a plurality of index slots disposed at radial intervals along the lateral wall;
at least one index insert; and
at least one cable;
wherein the cable is adapted to be wound about the cable cone, be tensioned by one of the tensioning assemblies, and be attached to a free end of the shade material;
wherein the cable cone is adapted to be aligned with respect to the roller tube to an aligned position at which one of the index slots is substantially aligned with the at least one channel in the roller tube; and
wherein the index insert is adapted to be inserted through the substantially aligned index slot and into the channel in the roller tube to lock the alignment between the roller tube and the cable cone.