US 11,053,730 B1
Blackout window covering system
Juan Carlos Camarillo, Dallas, TX (US)
Filed by Juan Carlos Camarillo, Dallas, TX (US)
Filed on Sep. 5, 2019, as Appl. No. 16/561,209.
Int. Cl. E06B 9/00 (2006.01); E06B 9/24 (2006.01)
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1. A blackout window covering system, comprising:
a. a shade assembly including a blackout shade of a rectangular shape comprising of a frontside and a backside, said backside includes four side edges that meet at four respective corners, said shade assembly further includes shade strips having loop fasteners mounted to the backside of said blackout shade;
b. a window having four perimeter sides, the window having a top edge and two lateral edges; and
c. a mounting assembly including three mounting strips, said three mounting strips including an elongated rectangular shape and having hook fasteners, the three mounting strips being adhesively mounted and enveloping the window along said top edge and two lateral edges, the three mounting strips each having a mounting strip length, said three mounting strips include a mounting strip front side, said hook fasteners are affixed to said mounting strip front side, a threaded fastener being a plurality of screws mounting said three mounting strips to said top edge and the two lateral edges of the window, the plurality of screws being equally spaced along the top edge and the two lateral edges of the window.