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Coupling assembly and method of hydraulically coupling to a tool
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1. A coupling assembly for releasably mounting, and hydraulically coupling, a tool to a work machine, comprising:
a mount attachable to the work machine and configured to receive the tool in a mounted position of the tool;
a rigid retaining body movable in translation relative to the mount along a translation axis between a retaining position for retaining the tool to the mount and a release position for releasing the tool from the mount;
a first and a second actuator operable to move the retaining body between the retaining and release positions;
a hydraulic coupling manifold movable in translation relative to the mount along the translation axis between a coupling position that hydraulically couples the tool to the machine and a decoupling position, wherein the tool is hydraulically decoupled from the machine, wherein the hydraulic coupling manifold uses the first and second actuators as guides for moving along the translation axis; and
a control valve configured to prevent movement of the retaining body from the retaining position to the release position unless the hydraulic coupling manifold is in the decoupling position.