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Clothes treatment apparatus having a heat pump module
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1. A garment processing apparatus comprising:
a cabinet;
a tub provided inside the cabinet;
a drum rotatably provided in the tub and providing a reception space to receive laundry; and
a heat pump module configured to circulate a refrigerant among a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, and an evaporator and to re-circulate air discharged from the drum to the drum through the evaporator and the condenser,
wherein the heat pump module integrates the evaporator, the condenser, and the compressor in an integrated housing,
wherein the integrated housing includes:
a heat exchange duct part that houses the evaporator and the condenser and is connected to the tub to form a circulation flow passage for air; and
a compressor base part which is formed integrally with the heat exchange duct part and is configured to support the compressor,
wherein the compressor is a lateral compressor having a rotation axis within a compressor body,
wherein a bracket is coupled to and extends from the compressor body,
wherein the bracket is coupled to the compressor base part such that the compressor is suspended above the compressor base part and is positioned to be inclined with respect to a horizontal surface so that a rear portion of the compressor is lower than a front portion of the compressor, and
wherein the compressor base part includes at least one support that extends vertically to form a convex region to receive the compressor, and the bracket is coupled to the at least one support.