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Programmable deposition apparatus
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1. A deposition apparatus comprising:
a frame; and
a cylindrical drum having a cylindrical surface extending around a central axis and a first and a second end surface extending perpendicularly to the central axis, the drum being rotatably mounted in the frame, the cylindrical drum comprising:
channels extending within the cylindrical drum of which an inlet is connectable to a gas source or an exhaust;
a plurality of gas zones positioned on the cylindrical surface, wherein at least a number of the plurality of gas zones is in gas connection with at least two channels, and wherein a number of the gas zones of the plurality of gas zones are configured to either supply a gas to or exhaust a gas from the cylindrical surface; and
closing elements for closing off all but one of the at least two channels with which a said gas zone of the number of the plurality of gas zones is in gas connection;
wherein by selectively closing off, with the closing elements, all but one of the channels for each gas zone of the number of the plurality of gas zones, the function of the gas zone is selectively set to be a gas exhaust zone or a gas supply zone in which a type of gas that is supplied is selectively set, so that a sequence of deposition and a composition of a stack of deposited layers is programmable.