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Silicon nitride etching composition and method
Steven M. Bilodeau, Fairfield, CT (US); SeongJin Hong, Cheongju-si (KR); Hsing-Chen Wu, Hsinchu (TW); Min-Chieh Yang, Hsinchu (TW); and Emanuel I. Cooper, Scarsdale, NY (US)
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1. A composition consisting of:
(a) phosphoric acid;
(b) at least one silane chosen from (i) alkylamino alkoxysilanes and (ii) alkylamino hydroxyl silanes, wherein said silane possesses at least one moiety chosen from alkoxy, hydroxyl, and fluoro;
(c) a solvent comprising water;
and optionally
(d) a fluoride compound, provided that the fluoride compound is other than hexafluoro silicic acid;
(e) an alkyl amine or phosphate salt thereof
(f) a surfactant,
(g) a carboxylic acid compound, or
(h) a dissolved silicate.