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Additive manufacturing processes and manufactured article
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1. An additive manufacturing process, comprising:
providing a description of an object as a set of at least two cross-sectional layers that can be stacked one on top of another to form the object;
providing a plurality of sheet materials in the form of one or more of glass sheets, soot sheets, sintered glass or sintered soot sheets, fusion-formed glass sheets, float-process-formed glass sheets, and glass-ceramic sheets, each sheet material corresponding to one of the cross-sectional layers;
forming an object material stack by stacking the sheet materials one on top of another and joining each overlying sheet material to an underlying sheet material without use of binder material between the sheet materials;
forming at least one feature of at least one cross-sectional layer in the corresponding sheet material,
wherein forming at least one feature comprises at least one of (i) removing material from a select area of the corresponding sheet material, (ii) adding material to a select area of the corresponding sheet material, and (iii) modifying at least one material property of a select area of the corresponding sheet material; and
applying a force to the sheet material to establish intimate contact between at least two layers of sheet materials.