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Forming bodies for forming continuous glass ribbons and glass forming apparatuses comprising the same
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1. A forming body of a glass forming apparatus comprising:
an upper portion;
a first forming surface and a second forming surface extending from the upper portion, the first forming surface and the second forming surface converging at a bottom edge of the forming body; and
a trough for receiving molten glass positioned in the upper portion of the forming body, the trough defined by a first weir, a second weir opposite from and spaced apart from the first weir, and a base extending between the first weir and the second weir, wherein:
at least a portion of a vertical surface of the first weir curves inward toward a centerline of the trough;
at least a portion of a vertical surface of the second weir curves inward toward the centerline of the trough; and
the vertical surfaces of the first and second weirs extend from tops of the first and second weirs, respectively, to the base.