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Keg closure with integrated venting system
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1. A closure for a beverage keg, the closure comprising:
a head portion with a central aperture that is configured to be opened and closed by a movable valve element for admitting a pressurised gas into a headspace of the beverage keg; and
a valve housing defining at least a portion of the closure, the valve housing having a housing wall that defines at least a portion of the valve housing, the movable valve element being configured for slidable movement within the valve housing, between an upper closed position and a lower open position;
wherein the valve housing comprises a vent aperture provided with a barrier, separate from the central aperture, the vent aperture being located below an upper surface of the movable valve element, at least in its closed position; and
wherein the barrier is integrally formed with the housing wall and configured to seal the closure such that the closure is able to retain the pressurised gas within the keg in an unvented configuration; and wherein a barrier thickness is configured such that the barrier ruptures by internal pressure from within the keg in order to switch the closure into a vented configuration in which fluid communication between the headspace of the keg and an exterior of the closure is possible, through the ruptured barrier.