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Systems and methods for automatic beverage dispensing according to a recipe linked with a marker
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1. A system for automatically dispensing a beverage according to a drink order, the system comprising:
a conveyor that conveys a plurality of cup holders in and between a cup receiving location, a dispensing location, and a serving location;
a cup dispenser configured to dispense a cup into each of the plurality of cup holders at the cup receiving location;
a plurality of additive dispensers configured to dispense additives to the cup at the dispensing location, the additive dispensers each being modular such that the additive dispensers are arrangeable in at least two different sequences; and
a controller configured to receive the drink order, create a recipe from the drink order and link the recipe with one of the plurality of cup holders via a marker, dispense a cup to the cup holder via the cup dispenser, and thereafter control the conveyor and the plurality of additive dispensers so that the cup is filled with a beverage according to the recipe and then conveyed to the serving location, wherein when filling the cup according to the recipe the controller controls the additive dispensers differently based on the arrangement among the at least two different sequences.