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Method for feeding laminar elements into an insertion device and feeding station
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1. A feeder station of laminar elements, for supplying laminar elements to an introducer, comprising:
a reception area for receiving laminar elements arranged in a group stacked one on top of the other;
turning means for rotating 180° the laminar elements coming from the reception area; and
a transfer device provided with stop means and movement means for moving in two directions perpendicular to each other, the laminar elements coming from the turning means towards an outlet area oriented in the advance direction of the introducer, wherein the turning means comprises a structure provided with a plurality of fork-shaped sections that are arranged in the shape of a cross, each one provided with a plurality of spikes that define a housing for the arrangement of the plurality of laminar elements, and rotation means coupled to the structure, said rotation means being associated with motor means linked to a control unit, wherein the plurality of spikes pass between the free spaces between a plurality of transport belts that form part of the movement means located in the inlet and outlet area of the turner.