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Direct drive spiral conveyor belt systems and methods
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1. A direct drive spiral conveyor belt system comprising:
a drum configured to rotate about a drum axis and define a filler bar and a cage bar, the cage bar defining a drive member having a drive member length parallel to the drum axis;
a belt configured to engage the drum and define a belt drive feature adapted to operatively engage the drive member; and
an engagement control ramp having an engagement control ramp length parallel to the drum axis that is less than the drive member length, and configured to rotate with the filler bar and operatively engage the belt, the engagement control ramp comprising:
a first portion defining a first radial distance from the drum axis; and
a second portion defining a second radial distance profile that decreases radially from the first radial distance;
wherein the engagement control ramp is configured to define a dynamic axial and radial engagement between the drive member and the belt drive feature as the belt drive feature transitions into engagement with the drive member while the drum rotates about the drum axis and the belt moves relative to the engagement control ramp.