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Propellant powered syringe with trigger
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1. A syringe propellable by propellant that boils at a predetermined temperature, the syringe comprising:
a barrel having an outlet at a front end;
a stopper axially moveable in the barrel;
needle in fluid communication with the outlet of the barrel;
wherein the stopper separates a first chamber and a second chamber, the first chamber being axially forwards of the stopper and being configured for containing a medicament, and the second chamber being axially rearwards of the stopper and being configured to receive propellant for acting on the stopper to move the stopper axially forwardly in the barrel to expel medicament through the outlet upon actuation of the syringe; and
a third chamber containing liquefied gas propellant;
wherein the syringe is configured such that, in use, upon actuation of the syringe, liquid propellant is released from the third chamber and boils outside of the third chamber at or above the predetermined temperature to provide an increasing vapor pressure in the second chamber that causes the stopper to move axially forwardly and begin to expel medicament from the first chamber through the outlet;
wherein a first pressure less than 15 bar is reached in the second chamber substantially coincident with an initial movement of the stopper, the mass of the propellant in gas phase increases as it boils while the volume in the second chamber increases with axial forward movement of the stopper, resulting in expulsion of medicament through the needle at a pressure that is maintained within 1 bar of the first pressure as a function of time from a point of initiation of the forward axial movement of the stopper until the stopper reaches a forwardmost position at the front end of the barrel;
the syringe further comprising at least one trigger for triggering an action upon activation of said trigger, wherein the trigger is directly activated by the pressure in the second chamber when the pressure in the second chamber satisfies a predetermined condition; and one of a group including
(a) wherein the syringe forms part of an autoinjector device in which the syringe is moveable relative to a housing of the autoinjector device between a first position in which the needle is within the housing and is not exposed and a second position in which the needle extends out of said housing and said action includes movement of said syringe between said first position and said second position; and
(b) wherein the syringe has one or more indicators for producing a signal to indicate to the user one of the end of delivery of medicament, or that a predetermined time period has elapsed since the end of delivery of medicament, and wherein said action includes activating said one or more indicators to produce said signal.