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Tablet and capsule dispensing assembly
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1. A dispensing assembly, comprising:
a case including at least one aperture;
a superior component including the at least one aperture;
an inferior component non-rotatably connected to the superior component, the inferior component including:
a first surface;
a first plurality of teeth extending from the first surface; and,
a first hole; and,
a cavity formed between the superior component and inferior component;
a drive gear operatively arranged to engage the case, wherein the drive gear comprises a second plurality of teeth operatively arranged to engage the first plurality of teeth;
a tablet disc rotatably arranged in the case and including a plurality of compartments; and,
an electronics assembly, including:
a motor engaged with the drive gear; and,
a housing operatively arranged to engage the tablet disc;
the drive gear, the tablet disc, and the electronics assembly are arranged within the cavity; and,
the motor is arranged to rotate the electronics assembly and the tablet disc with respect to the case to align the plurality of compartments with the at least one aperture.