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Container system with improved messaging structure
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1. A container system comprising a container and a selectively openable cover,
the container comprising a bottom wall and one or more side walls extending away from the bottom wall,
the bottom wall and the one or more side walls defining an interior volume of the container,
the container further comprising a rim defining a mouth to a passageway that provides access to the interior volume,
the container further comprising only one tab,
wherein the tab is a single unitary piece,
wherein the tab comprises a fixed end that attached to the container,
wherein the tab is joined to the container by pressure sealing, heat sealing, an adhesive, welding, or combinations thereof,
wherein the tab is positioned to partially occlude the mouth or passageway such that there is a space between the tab and the rim so that a consumer can see into the interior volume of the container,
the tab comprising a free end that is biased to a resting position, the free end being deflectable by a deflecting force into the interior volume, wherein the free end returns to the resting position once the deflective force is removed.