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Apparatus and process for vacuum skin packaging of a product and a vacuum skin package
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1. A vacuum skin packaging process comprising:
providing a support comprising an indent formed therein;
providing a film;
loading the support with a product, such that the product leaves a free surface of the support not contacted by the product;
holding a film portion above the product loaded support in a holding position;
inserting a nozzle into the indent and in an interspace between an upper surface of the support and a bottom surface of the film portion;
heating the film portion;
evacuating air from below the film portion by sucking gas through a suction aperture of the nozzle;
releasing the held film portion; and
allowing the released film portion to contact the product and heat bond to the free surface of the support, the heat bonding forming an air-tight closure of the product between the support and the film portion thereby forming a vacuum skin packaged product;
wherein the nozzle is kept in the indent and the interspace while heat bonding is taking place, such that at least one film flap is formed where the nozzle is kept during heat bonding, wherein the at least one film flap is located above the indent and is not heat bonded to the support, thereby forming a grip element for opening of the vacuum skin packaged product.