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Lifting surface
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1. An aerodynamic lifting device comprising:
a movable discontinuity located in a surface of the lifting device, the movable discontinuity being movable between:
an active position in which the movable discontinuity is a vortex generator, and
a passive position in which the movable discontinuity is aligned with the surface such that a profile of the surface is not interrupted by the movable discontinuity in the passive position,
a conduit located in the lifting device and oriented along a spanwise direction of the lifting device, wherein the conduit is in fluid communication with the movable discontinuity,
the lifting device further comprising openings in the surface, wherein the openings are spanwise distant from each other and each are in fluid communication with the conduit, and the openings are arranged such that while the openings are open an airflow enters through one of the openings, flows through the conduit and exits from the other opening,
wherein the movable discontinuity and the conduit are configured such that the airflow flowing through the conduit moves the movable discontinuity to the active position.