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Marine propulsion system
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1. A marine propulsion system comprising:
a boat having a recess formed along an external surface of a hull of the boat, wherein the boat has an engine; and
a drive cassette comprising:
a housing;
a static tube fixably attached to the housing and extending rearwardly from the housing;
a drive shaft extending through the static tube and into the housing;
wherein the drive shaft is rotatably supported by a shaft bearing within the static tube, wherein the drive shaft is rotatably supported by a pair of thrust bearings disposed within the housing outside the hull and configured to transfer axial thrust from the drive shaft to the housing;
wherein the static tube, the drive shaft, the shaft bearing, and the pair of thrust bearings are coaxially aligned with each other;
wherein the housing is seated in the recess and an end of the driveshaft is coupled to the engine of the boat.