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Electric component assembly, and brake fluid pressure control device for vehicle
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1. An electric component assembly, comprising:
an electric component; and
a housing with which the electric component is fitted, wherein the electric component and the housing are fixed to one surface of a base body, wherein
the electric component includes a connection terminal press-fitted into a through-hole of a circuit board provided in the housing and an insertion direction of the connection terminal into the through-hole is a fitting direction with the housing;
the electric component assembly includes a rib which is protrudingly provided on one of an outer surface of the electric component intersecting the fitting direction and an inner surface of the housing facing the outer surface, and a groove portion which is provided as a recess on another one of the outer surface of the electric component and the inner surface of the housing, wherein the rib is inserted into the groove portion by press-fitting; and
an inner surface of the groove portion is provided with a protrusion that abuts onto the rib with an interference fit, whereby movement of the electronic component, in a direction other than the fitting direction or in a direction opposite the fitting direction, is substantially prevented.