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Large vehicle turning safety warning apparatus
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1. A large vehicle turning safety warning apparatus, comprising:
a car body, a periphery of the car body being set at least one turning warning zone, and a bottom of the car body being set with plural tires, wherein the at least one turning warning zone is set on a frame of the car body adjacent periphery to the plural tires, which is arranged on the car body in a transverse encircling manner, and extends from one tire to another tire on the same side;
a plurality of warning devices being set on the turning warning zone, providing warning lights connected with each other in a line to present a line-type light delimiting a boundary of an invisible zone of the car body that a driver cannot see at driving, each warning device providing one warning light with an inclination angle so that an illumination angle is formed between the warning light and the car body; and
a control module, the control module receiving a control instruction to generate a control signal, the control module being connected with the warning devices to transmit the control signal to the warning devices, wherein the control module starts or closes the warning devices based on the control signal, when the car body turns, according to the difference of the car body, a radius between inner wheels will be different; which leads to a change of the invisible zone of the car body, and the invisible zone is illuminated by the warning lights.