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Mobility connection system
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1. A mobility connection system, including:
a first driveshaft and a second driveshaft having a hollow shaft shape in a vehicle, and connected to a first wheel portion and a second wheel portion of the vehicle, respectively;
a connection shaft slidably provided inside the first driveshaft or inside the second driveshaft of the vehicle, so that the connection shaft is configured to slide to an outside of the vehicle to be inserted into and coupled to an inside of a driveshaft of another vehicle which is adjacent to a side of the vehicle when the vehicle is laterally coupled to another vehicle; and
a wheel detecting sensor provided at at least one of a first side or a second side of the vehicle, and configured for detecting when one of the first and second driveshafts of the vehicle and the driveshaft of another vehicle face each other and are aligned with each other or a spacing distance is formed therebetween while the vehicle is configured to be coupled to another vehicle.