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Electronic wheel unit for a vehicle wheel
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1. An electronic wheel unit for detecting a tire pressure of a tire of a vehicle wheel, for storing tire information of the tire and for sending tire pressure information and tire information, the electronic wheel unit comprising:
a memory containing stored tire information;
the wheel unit being configured to allow an alteration of the stored tire information in a first mode of operation and to prevent an alteration of the stored tire information in a second mode of operation;
the wheel unit being further configured to change from the first mode of operation to the second mode of operation when a first mode change criterion is satisfied, wherein a satisfaction of the first mode change criterion is dependent at least on an operating parameter of the vehicle wheel that is representative of a rotational movement of the vehicle wheel;
wherein the stored tire information, which is prevented from being altered in the second mode of operation and which is allowed to be altered in the first mode of operation, includes at least one item of data selected from the group consisting of a tire manufacturer, a tire type, a tire dimension, a bearing strength index and a speed index.