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Paint can accessory
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1. A paint can accessory apparatus to allow improved pouring, storing, and painting using a paint can, the apparatus comprising:
a roughly cylindrical main body, which main body further comprises a body exterior, and a body interior, and a body lower surface further comprising a bottom base circular protrusion, and a proximal body upper surface, and a distal body upper surface; and
a paint-can-lid receiving indentation, the surface of which is a paint-can-lid receiving indentation interior surface; and
wherein the bottom base circular protrusion may be securely seated in a paint-can receiving indentation; and
wherein a paint-can lid may be securely seated in the apparatus, with a paint-can-lid lower protrusion securely seated in the paint-can-lid receiving indentation; and
a spout body, a spout closure, and a spout opening; and
a wiper rod, a first wiper rod support, and a second wiper rod support, wherein the first wiper rod support is an open-jawed ring and the second wiper rod support is a circular ring; and
a vent structure, disposed to be securely seated in a body-vent void, wherein the vent structure comprises a vent hole and a vent plug slot; and
a plurality of lateral concavities.