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Printing device, control method, and non-transitory recording medium
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1. A printing device comprising:
a feeding roller which feeds a print medium;
a print head which performs printing on the print medium; and
a control unit which, under control of a stored program, is configured to control execution of processes comprising:
determining a backward feed position, the backward feed position corresponding to an amount of movement by which the print head deviates from a normal position thereof when the print medium is fed backward by backward rotation of the feeding roller, and the backward feed position being further away from an outlet of the printing device than the normal position of the print head;
rotating the feeding roller backward to feed the print medium backward until it is determined that a printing start area of the print medium corresponds to the backward feed position; and
after determining that the printing start area of the print medium corresponds to the backward feed position, rotating the feeding roller forward to perform printing using the print head.