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Welding apparatus having a safety feature
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1. A welding apparatus having a safety feature, said welding apparatus comprising:
two electrodes, whereof at least one of said two electrodes is movably arranged in relation to the other electrode, said two electrodes are in non-contact with each other and define a gap in which an object to be sealed and having an electrically non-conductive surface may be inserted;
an actuator configured to move said at least one movably arranged electrode when activated, so as to squeeze the object when the object is inserted in the gap; and
an energy source configured to provide energy to said electrodes to perform a welding procedure;
wherein said welding apparatus further comprises:
1) a detector configured to determine a clamping force when the inserted object is squeezed between the electrodes,
2) a distance sensor configured to measure a distance between the electrodes when the object is squeezed, and
3) a conductance sensor configured to measure a conductance of the object located between the electrodes when the object is squeezed;
wherein said welding apparatus further comprises a processor configured to process an input from at least one of the detector, the distance sensor, and the conductance sensor to provide an output that indicates whether the object inserted between the electrodes is a blood bag tube or a foreign object; and
wherein the processor stores threshold values for distance and conductance in a memory, whereby the output from the processor comprises a comparison of sensor outputs from the distance sensor and the conductance sensor with the stored threshold values.