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Molding system, data processing device for generating molding data, and method of manufacturing three-dimensional object
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1. A data processing apparatus comprising:
a processor configured to process slice data that is generated from three-dimensional data of a model and that includes information about a type and arrangement of a molding material; and
a memory storing a program executed by the processor,
wherein the processor performs processing including:
(1) analyzing data of an ith layer and data of an (i+1)th layer included in the slice data, where i is a positive integer, and extracting an area in which a layer of a second molding material that is different from a first molding material is to be laminated over the first molding material; and
(2) comparing an area of the area with a predetermined value, and modifying slice data of at least one of the ith layer and the (i+1)th layer in the area to data in which the first molding material and the second molding material are dispersed and arranged with an area smaller than the predetermined value in a case where the area of the area is greater than or equal to the predetermined value.