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Shave care composition for a liquid dispensing razor
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1. A liquid dispensing razor comprising:
a razor cartridge including a housing, the housing defining at least one aperture and including microcombs and at least one blade, the microcombs being disposed between the at least one blade and the aperture; and
a reservoir in fluid communication with the aperture, the reservoir containing a shave care composition, the shave care composition comprising:
from 15% to about 50%, by weight, of one or more lipophilic skin conditioning agents;
one or more thickening agents including electrolyte sensitive polymers;
one or more emulsifying agents; and
one or more lubricants;
wherein the shave care composition has a Power-Law Consistency of less than about 38 Pa·s and greater than about 23 Pa·s, such that the shave care composition is dispensable from the reservoir through the at least one aperture and capable of being distributed by the microcombs adjacent the at least one blade.