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Safety utility blades, assemblies and methods of manufacturing
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1. A replaceable safety blade for use within a utility knife assembly, comprising:
a replaceable blade body having a cutting edge and a top edge opposite the cutting edge, wherein the blade body and the cutting edge define a contiguous piece of metal;
a blade attachment having a first half and a second half, wherein the first half of the blade attachment is connected to the second half of the blade attachment via a hinge mechanism, that extends beyond the top edge of the blade body, to define a clamshell configured to removably receive the blade body; and
a handle adaptor having a handle engagement portion with a handle securing mechanism that extends from the blade attachment opposite the hinge mechanism, wherein the handle adaptor is secured to the blade attachment portion, wherein the handle engagement portion is configured to removably secure the blade attachment to a handle, wherein the handle engagement portion extends from a bottom edge of the blade attachment, wherein the handle engagement and a blade tip extend beyond the blade cutting edge, and wherein the blade tip portion and an edge of the handle adaptor form a first blade throat which limits exposure to the cutting edge of the blade.